Statistics New Zealand Prize

Statistics New Zealand Best Use of Statistics Prize

Statistics New Zealand

The prize will be awarded to the paper that is deemed to have the best use of official statistics. The statistical series should include data from official New Zealand sources, and may include overseas data as well. The papers will be judged by representatives from both Statistics NZ and the NZAE.

Entry conditions
Any paper where official statistics have been used may be entered in this competition.

Paper submission must meet all of the deadlines for abstract and full paper submission in order to remain eligible.

When submitting the abstract also select entry into this competition through the conference website.

It is the written paper that will be judged based on the following criteria: Clarity of analysis; soundness of method; any methodological innovation; and assessment of data validity and adequacy.

Previous winners


  • Lisa Meehan


  • Sarah Crichton, Sarah Tumen and Sylvia Dixon


  • Talosaga Talosaga
  • Mark Vink


  • Sylvia Dixon and Dave Mare


  • Ozer Karagedikli and Gael Price


  • Jason Timmins, Geoff Mason, Penny Mok, Peter Nunns and Philip Stevens


  • Jacques Poot, Steven Stillman