New Zealand Economics Experts Survey

The New Zealand Economics Experts Survey (NZEES) regularly conducts a survey of a panel of Expert Economists about current economic topics affecting Aotearoa New Zealand. We aim to be a source of thoughtful and reliable information about important and timely topics of general interest.

Panel members are invited from the list of Distinguished Fellows and Life Members of the NZAE, past and current Presidents of NZAE, and NZIER Economics Award winners. Panel members answer survey questions using a five-point scale (with additional options of “No Opinion” and not answering a question) and state their confidence level in their answer. Panel members are also able to comment on their responses, if they chose to.

We provide the raw answers as well as confidence weighted survey responses.

The views and opinions expressed in this survey are those of the panel members and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the New Zealand Association of Economists or its members.


  • March: Emission Trading Scheme, mitigation and market failure, and distributional effects of ETS


  • August: Rent control, migration, and modern monetary theory