Life Members

Any member or retired member who has made a significant contribution toward the development of the Association and the economics profession in New Zealand may be nominated for life membership of the Association in the following manner:

[a] Nominations are to be forwarded to the Council. Such nominations are to be signed by two financial members of the Association with a brief profile of the nominee’s achievements/service/career, as appropriate, for consideration by the Council.

[b] All such nominations will be considered by the Council which, at its sole discretion, may place suitable nominations before those attending the Annual General Meeting for confirmation by that meeting. If present at the Annual General Meeting, the proposer(s) and/or seconder(s) of the original nomination(s) shall be given the opportunity to speak on behalf of their nominee(s).

[c] All Life Members must be elected at a general meeting of the Association.

[d] Life Members shall be provided with an appropriate certificate signifying their Life membership status and shall be entitled to attend the Association’s Annual Conference free of charge. A citation shall be published in the New Zealand Economic Papers.

Send nominations to:
New Zealand Association Economists Inc.
or email the Secretary-Manager at


List of life members