Your Host City – Wellington

Extending just two kilometers in diameter, Wellington is a truly ‘walking city’. Here you’ll find a unique blend of national treasures, arts and culture, gastronomic delights, shopping sensations and scenic beauty. Perched on the edge of a spectacular harbour, encircled by green, towering hills, New Zealand’s capital is vibrant, exciting and cultured.

For further information about restaurants, shops, sights, activities and transport in Wellington city, we invite you to visit the Positively Wellington Tourism website.

Map of Wellington City Centre

Wellington Convention Centre

The Symposium will be held at The Wellington Convention Centre which consists of two unique buildings. The Wellington Town Hall is a beautifully restored historical building and the The Michael Fowler Centre is of architectural modern design. The Centre is in the heart of the city, within easy walking distance of a range of accommodation.

New Zealand

New Zealand offers a remarkable diversity of environments, from towering mountain ranges, brilliant alpine lakes and ancient forests to rolling green hills and fertile plains and surrounding it all, magnificent beaches. Despite its amazing extremes of landscape, culture and lifestyle, New Zealand itself is remarkably compact – so even on the shortest stay you’ll find it is remarkably accessible.

Please visit the Tourism New Zealand website to find out more information.