Seamus Hogan Research Prize

The Seamus Hogan Research Prize is an award to honour the memory of Seamus Hogan (1962-2015). Seamus was President of the New Zealand Association of Economists when he died, after having served several terms on the Association’s Council. Seamus had recently joined the staff of Victoria University of Wellington, and had taught for many years at the University of Canterbury in his native Christchurch. He was highly regarded by his colleagues and students for his teaching, research, and support for the profession and the goals of the Association. It is because of the time and care he took with his many students that the focus of this prize is student research. His obituary can be found in Asymmetric Information, issue 53, August 2015.

The Seamus Hogan Research Prize is awarded for the best public policy paper written by a student and presented at the annual conference. It is intended as recognition of emerging/early career researchers. The prize is currently $1,000.


  • The prize is for the best paper on a public policy topic written by a student, and it is awarded at the conference. The award is for the written paper, which will be judged according to its clarity of presentation and communication, its critical application of economics to a topic in public policy, and the appropriate selection of empirical and theoretical tools for addressing the policy question at hand.
  • Entry to the Seamus Hogan Research Prize is open to persons who at the time of the conference are either enrolled in tertiary study in New Zealand or have completed a tertiary degree in New Zealand in the preceding 12 months. Applicants should be emerging/early career researchers. The prize is not intended for mature analysts who have returned to tertiary study. There is no residence requirement.
  • Entrants must be able to attend and present their paper at the NZAE Conference. The presentation may be either an Oral Presentation or Poster Presentation.
  • Entrants must comply with Conference Registration deadlines as detailed on the conference website.
  • Co-authored papers are allowed, and the other authors need not meet the eligibility criteria for the award. However, the entrant should have made a substantial contribution to the research and his/her contribution should be identified on the title page (as an approximate percentage).
  • Authors must comply with all deadlines for submission of Abstracts and Full Papers as detailed on the conference website. Full Papers for the Seamus Hogan Prize may be due before the Conference, to allow sufficient time for judging.

When registering at the conference website, please be sure to indicate that you wish to enter the Seamus Hogan Research Prize.

NOTE: Payment of any monies will only be in NZ dollars, either by way of an NZ cheque made out to the awardee as the payee or a direct debit to a NZ bank account held in the name of the awardee.

Previous winners

2023 – Doriani Lingga, Simona Fabrizi & Steffen Lippert
2022 – Michael Ryan
2021 – Shakked Noy
2019 – Bronwyn Bruce-Brand
2018 – Sally Owen
2017 – Nazila Alinaghi
2016 – Anthony Anyanwu