David Teece Prize in Industrial Organisation and Firm Behaviour

The David Teece Prize in Industrial Organisation and Firm Behaviour will be awarded to the paper presented at the New Zealand Association of Economists annual conference that is deemed to make the best contribution to the study of industrial organisation and/or firm behaviour. Papers need not be applied to New Zealand, but preference will be given to those that demonstrate their results are relevant for New Zealand.

The prize for 2023 is $1000.


  • Any paper that contributes to industrial organisation and/or firm behaviour may be entered in this competition.
  • Paper submission must meet all of the deadlines for abstract and full paper submission in order to remain eligible.
  • Entrants must be able to attend and present their paper at the NZAE Conference. The presentation may be either an Oral Presentation or Poster Presentation.
  • When submitting the abstract also select entry into this competition through the conference website.
  • It is the written paper that will be judged based on the following criteria: relevance to the fields of industrial organisation and/or firm behaviour; the quality of economic analysis; and relevance to New Zealand.

Previous winners

2023 – Doriani Lingga, Simona Fabrizi & Steffen Lippert: “The News Media Bargaining Code: A two-sided Market Framework”
2022 – Tim Ng “Business practices, dynamic capabilities and firm performance in New Zealand: unpacking the black box of innovation”
2021 – Tim Ng “Schumpeterian endogenous growth and dynamic capabilities: An under-researched nexus?”
2019 – Geoffrey Brooke & Lydia Cheung “Retrospective Study on Stuff (Fairfax)’s Exits in the Newspaper Industry”
2018 – Richard Meade “Using oligopoly theory to estimate the competitive impacts of land ownership institutions on Maori”
2017 – Richard Meade “Utility Firm Performance with Heterogeneous Quality Preferences and Endogenous Ownership”