Distinguished Fellows


These began in 2004, and following a selection process by the NZAE Council, the President of the Association awarded the title “Distinguished Fellow of the NZAE” to four people who have made a significant contribution to the development of economics. A brief article will be commissioned, covering the life, work and contribution of each awardee, for publication in the December issue of the New Zealand Economic Papers in the year in which the award is made.


  1. The Association will maintain a roll of Distinguished Fellows reserved for distinguished New Zealand economists to recognise their contribution to the development of economics (and its application).
  2. For this purpose, a New Zealander is defined as a person normally resident in New Zealand, or a New Zealand citizen living and working abroad, at the time he or she is awarded the title of Distinguished Fellow.
  3. The Council will publish criteria for the award of the title Distinguished Fellow, and will use those criteria to select one New Zealand economist for this award each year, or up to four New Zealand economists annually for the first three years that awards are made.The Council may choose to make no award in any year.
  4. The President of the Association will announce its award of the title at a suitable occasion and will ensure that the achievements of the recipient are appropriately publicised.

Criteria and Policies

Download the Distinguished Fellow policy document here.

List of Distinguished Fellows