Conference Assistant Awards

The NZAE has established eight special awards to enable post-graduate students to attend the New Zealand Association of Economists annual conference. Preference will be given to spreading the awards among the New Zealand universities.

Awardees will receive free conference registration, including attendance at the conference dinner and awards ceremony, and up to $200 to assist with their travel (the award will be $100 for students located in the city of the conference). In return, recipients are required to work for half a day, each day of the conference, as a conference assistant. Conference assistants will be under the direction of Conference Organisation Committee Members.

Each University Head of Department is asked to select a student from his or her department to receive the award. Please contact your Head of Department if you wish to be considered for one of these awards.

NOTE: Payment of any monies will only be in NZ dollars, either by way of an NZ cheque made out to the awardee as the payee or a direct debit to a NZ bank account held in the name of the awardee.