Members of the NZAE typically have a degree in economics or commerce and in the normal course of work use the tools of economic analysis as teachers, investigators or advisors on economic matters.

The NZAE holds an annual conference. In addition it publishes the Association’s Journal New Zealand Economic Papers, which is distributed free to members, three times per year. The NZAE also publishes its newsletter Asymmetric Information three times a year. This newsletter is distributed to members and as each issue is mailed out, the previous issue is posted on the website.

The annual subscription rates for 2021 (1 January to 31 December) are as follows:

  • NZ$170.00 (GST inclusive) for full membership ($140 if paid by 9-April)
  • NZ$170.00 for overseas member ($140 if paid by 9-April)
  • NZ$85.00 (GST inclusive) for New Zealand graduate students first year only ($70 if paid by 9-April)

Potential new members – please download NZAE_Membership_Form_2021, the membership form (in Adobe PDF), fill it out and post it in.

Important: The NZAE does not make any refunds in the event of cancelled membership. New members are accepted subject to the approval of the President of the NZAE.

Existing members – please complete this form to pay your annual subscription by credit card (alternatively post a cheque to the address opposite).


NZAE invites students of economics to join as e-members.

This is free membership for students entitling them to electronic-only communications: Asymmetric Information sent by email and NZEP notifications/abstracts (not the full journal) also sent by email.

Conference attendance for e-members remains at non-member (student) rates.

Note that e-membership is an alternative to full student membership (see above for details).

Please complete NZAE_Student_E_Membership_Form_2021 to register your interest and email to

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