NZIER Poster Competition

This competition is in two categories:  ‘Post-graduate Student’ and ‘Open’.  Presentation of a poster can be either a ‘work-in-progress’ OR a piece of completed work where the presenter prefers not to make an oral presentation. Up to two prizes of $1,000 may be awarded each year.

Entry Conditions

  • To be eligible for the ‘Student’ category, students must be currently studying post-graduate economics or have completed within the preceding eighteen months of the conference. The poster content must relate to a component of original research completed while a student. There is no residency requirement and students from all countries are welcome to enter.
  • Anyone who does not meet the above criteria is welcome to enter under the ‘Open’ category.
  • NOTE: Students cannot enter the same work in both the Poster competition AND the Jan Whitwell Paper competition.

Submission Process

Submissions are made in two parts.

  1. Abstract submission:
    • An abstract must be submitted via the conference website and comply with the abstract submission instructions deadlines.
    • The submission should be marked as a contribution to the Poster Session in the submission form, under Type of Session.
  2. Poster submission:
    • Please note that authors must bring the finished poster with them to the conference.

Selection Criteria

To be accepted for entry in the competition, posters must meet the above submission deadlines and:

  • Be mounted on a single sheet of card not exceeding an A0 sheet (approx. 1200 x 800mm)
  • Present a partially completed (or recently completed) piece of original research
  • Outline the research problem/issue and relevant existing literature
  • Outline the research methodology
  • Discuss any methodological, data or theoretical problems related to the research
  • Present any relevant research findings (if completed that far)
  • Discuss the relevance of the research to an area of economics
  • Be visually appealing

Poster presentations that are accepted for entry will be displayed during the conference in the areas surrounding the main conference venues. Presenters are expected to be present to discuss their poster content during the poster session scheduled in the conference programme. Winners will be chosen based on the quality of the research (and coverage of the criteria) and the visual appeal of the presentation.

Presentation Guidelines

To assist you in developing a dynamic poster the following suggestions are offered:


  • Mount on a single sheet of card not exceeding an A0 sheet (approx. 1200 x 800mm).
  • Include title, authors, author affiliations, email or other address, a description of the methods used, and conclusions.  References and acknowledgements may also be included.
  • Select only the most pertinent data to report on the poster.
  • Bring handouts that include the abstract and any supplementary information.


  • All text should be legible at a distance of 1 meter.  Use at least a 24-point type size for the main text.  The title type should be at least 4 cm high.
  • The title should be kept as short as possible so that it can be read quickly.
  • Use upper and lower case type throughout the poster.  ALL UPPER CASE TYPE IS MORE DIFFICULT TO READ.
  • Serif fonts (such as Times) are generally easier to read in the body of the text.  Sans serif fonts (such as Arial or Tahoma) are best used in titles, headings, and captions for emphasis.
  • Print all text using a laser printer.
  • Use bold and/or italics for emphasis.

Graphics and Illustrations

  • The poster is a visual format.  Use plenty of graphical elements.
  • Keep graphics as simple as possible.  More complex data can be presented in a handout.
  • Photographs should be enlarged to be discernible at a distance of 1 meter and printed with a matte finish (to reduce glare).  They are more effective when used sparingly.

Previous winners


  • Linda Tran (open & student)


  • Alexandra Turcu (open & student)


  • Nazila Alinaghi (open)
  • Shabana Kamal (student)


  • Sherry Li (open)
  • Sherry Li (student)


  • Hanna Habibi (open)
  • Hanna Habibi (student)


  • Kate Preston (open)
  • Jianhua Duan (student)


  • Andrea Menclova (open)
  • Nazila Alinaghi (student)


  • Gail Pacheco and Peer Skov (open)
  • Nazila Alinaghi (student)


  • Andrew Coleman (open)


  • Ha Nguyen (open)


  • Andrew Coleman (open)


  • Chris Hansen, Emma Bentley, Michelle Smith, and Nathan Young (open)
  • Jaimee Phillips (student)


  • Andrew Chow & Dorien Owen (open)
  • Hugh McDonald (student)