Computable General Equilibrium New Zealand (CGENZ) is a professional network for CGE modelling practitioners, researchers and users either based in New Zealand or having some other association or interest in CGE modelling in New Zealand.

CGENZ objectives

  • Strengthen links amongst government, universities, consultancies and other stakeholders in the CGE modelling community in New Zealand and overseas
  • Create a platform for CGE modelling practitioners, researchers and users to network
  • Share knowledge and ideas to lower the barriers to entry to CGE modelling in New Zealand, and to encourage and support associated research


Nathaniel Robson, Victoria University of Wellington

 A brief history

A precursor to CGENZ was initiated by Anita King, now at NZ Treasury.  CGENZ was conceptualised by Tantri Tantirigama, then at Ministry of Transport (now retired).  CGENZ has been inactive for a few years.  With recent encouragement from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), it is now a good time to reactivate the network.  Currently facilitated by Nathaniel Robson, teaching fellow at the School of Economics and Finance, VUW, enquiries from anyone interested in helping to facilitate CGENZ would be welcome.