2019 Conference papers


Full programme attached, with links to papers where available.

1.1 Extricating land price indexes from improved property price indexes for New Zealand Frances Krsinich  
Data and Evidence for Policy Themed Session
  Medium-long term detailed Employment Outlook: Illustrative Trade disruption and Automation scenarios compared to Baseline results Ram SriRamaratnam  
  Using Regional Economic Activity Tools for rapid regional economy analysis Ben Wallace  
1.2 Lenses on Wellbeing Anita King  
Beyond GDP Themed Session
  Beyond GDP: Cultural vibrancy, cultural capital and cultural wellbeing Paul Dalziel Caroline Saunders, Catherine Savage
  From wellbeing principles to policy action: some institutional considerations Tim Ng  
1.3 Institutions and Sustainable Development: The Application of Social-Ecological Systems (SESs) Framework for Environmental Management Mohammad Salimifar  
Environment & Resources
  The Spatial Effects of Resource Dependence in Indonesia Rian Hilmawan Jeremy Clark
  The effect of mining on household income and consumption: Evidence from Mongolia Odmaa Narantungalag  
1.4 Effects of Customers’ Personal Characteristics on the Use of Online Banking in New Zealand Saba Azeem  
Accounting and Banking
  Effects of health expenses and education on Bank deposits Nikhil Srivastava David Tripe, Oscar Lau
  Environmental-economic accounting and climate change Adam Tipper  
1.5 A Policy Evaluation of Home Detention on Recidivism: Evidence from New Zealand Livvy Mitchell  
  The minimum legal drinking age and crime in New Zealand: A difference-in-discontinuities approach Christopher Erwin Kabir Dasgupta, Alexander Plum, Gail Pacheco
  Labor Market Consequences of a Criminal Record Peer Ebbesen Skov Mikkel Baggesgaard Mertz
1.6 Who lives in deprived places? The association between individual and area-level socioeconomic position. Lucas Chen Daniel Exeter, Nichola Shackleton, Jinfeng Zhao
Economic Geography
  Exchange rate, remittances and expenditure of foreign- born households: evidence from Australia Syed Hasan Nazmun Ratna
  Contrasting Importance of Quality of Life and Quality of Business for Domestic and International Migrants Arthur Grimes Kate Preston, David Mare, Shaan Badenhorst, Stuart Donovan
2.1 Relative values of non-market transport benefits Joanne Leung Wayne Heerdegen  
Transport Themed Session
  Reviewing Surface Transport Costs and Charges Sandy Fong  
  Social impact assessment of transport policies: the Ministry of Transport’s proposed approach Geoff Parr  
2.2 Trade Policy Uncertainty and Economic Activity Tom Fraser Murat Ungor
Fiscal Policy
  The New Zealand Superannuation Fund – clarifying how it works and explaining its outcomes Matthew Bell  
  Sky’s the Limit? Investigating Fiscal Limits in New Zealand Using a Neoclassical Growth Model Andrew Binning Hemant Passi
2.3 Estimating the impact of climate change and drought persistence on farmland values in New Zealand Farnaz Pourzand Ilan Noy, Kendon Bell
  Optimal Land Use Switching Policy Mahdi Yadipur Toby Daglish, Yigit Saglam
  Crop Insurance under Restricted Access to Financial Markets Daniel Voica  
2.4 Fire or keep? Leave or stay? The other side of CEO retention Tom Stannard  
Firm Governance
  Re-estimating the effect of the User Cost of Capital on the investment behaviour of NZ firms Gulnara Huseynli Lynda Sanderson
  The Effect of Interest Caps on Bankruptcy: Synthetic Control Evidence from Recent Payday Lending Bans Kabir Dasgupta Brenden Mason
2.5 Do the drivers of foreign direct investment have a reverse impact on foreign divestment? Anh Nguyen  
Firm & Social Investment
  FDI Provincial Competitions and Investment Incentive Policies: A Case in Vietnam Linh Ho Christopher Gan, Baiding Hu
  The Burden of Disease Attributable to Poor Housing Conditions in New Zealand Lynn Riggs  
2.6 The New Zealand Financial Cycle: 1968 – 2017 Caitlin Davies Prasanna Gai
NZ Economy 1
  The impact of global shocks on the New Zealand economy: A Bayesian VAR approach Nam Ngo Andrew Binning
  Changes in New Zealand’s Business Insolvency Rates after the GFC Viv Hall John McDermott
3.1 Employer concentration and income growth in New Zealand Christopher Ball  
Labour Markets & Monetary Policy
  Monetary Policy and Labour Markets: Evidence from an Agnostic Identification Tugrul Vehbi Ozer Karagedikli
  Low wage growth, and job-to-job transitions: Evidence from administrative data in New Zealand Murat Ozbilgin Nicholas Groshenny, Ozer Karagedikli, Christopher Ball, Finn Robinson
3.2 Short-term impacts of the pay equity settlement in the aged care sector Corey Allan Shakked Noy
Workforce & Future of Work
  Implications of technology change for an ageing workforce Corey Allan  
  Preparing for our aging population: Age profiles of business owners and employees in New Zealand Lynda Sanderson, Donna Purdue  
3.3 The Effect of Influenza Vaccination Subsidy on Respiratory Dominic White  
Health 1
3.4 Estimating intergenerational income mobility in New Zealand Leon Iusitini  
  The Economic Status of Women in New Zealand Since the 1980s: An Institutional Perspective Mary Jo Vergara  
  Tax-transfer systems and New Zealand’s income inequality experience Matthew Nolan  
3.5 Success at the cost of pimples? Shaan Badenhorst  
Education 1
  Returns to Initial Years of Formal Education: How Birthdate Affects Later Educational Outcomes Asaad Ali Andrea Menclova
  Self-Beliefs of Pasifika Business Students in Relation to Mathematics Sean Kimpton Kevin Byard, Irshad Ali, Zhaoyi Cao
3.6 Relatedness, Complexity and Local Growth Benjamin Davies David Mare
Regional & Local Growth
  Estimating Regional GDP & Modelling Territorial Authority GDP Graham Howard Ben Wallace
  Successfully using electronic card transaction data to produce regional estimates of tourism spend Michael Webster  
4.1 New Zealand labour market trends Tim Maddock Terry Genet
Productivity Commission Themed Session
  Labour productivity, the fiscal outlook, and living standards Patrick Nolan  
  New Zealand tradable industry clusters and its business dynamics Guanyu Zheng  
4.2 Balancing National Accounts Tracy Wilkinson Lindsay Beck
Macroeconomic Methods
  A Better Way to Calculate Import and Export Price Indexes Matthew Stansfield  
4.3 Inter-District Flow Transfers: Health and Economic Impacts Bronwyn Bruce-brand  
Health 2
  What’s up with Mondays? An investigation into elevated injury claims on a Monday Michelle Poland  
  Social Capital and Health: A Meta-Analysis Robert Reed Xindong Xue
4.4 The Impact of the Canterbury Earthquakes on Earthquake Preparedness: A Difference-in-Differences Estimation Hanna Habibi Jan Feld
Disasters, Risk & PBRF
  Trading Risk: Consumption versus Health under Pesticide Application Daniel C. Voica Troy Schmitz
  Is External Research Assessment Associated with Convergence or Divergence of Research Quality Across Universities and Disciplines? Evidence from the PBRF Process in New Zealand Robert Buckle John Creedy, Norman Gemmell
4.5 Shaping our slice of heaven Liza Van der Merwe Linda Meade, Becky Burgess
Regional Development and Communities
  The effect of emigration on child human capital and child labour: Evidence from Nepal Hari Sharma John Gibson
  The status of beneficiaries in New Zealand Gail Duncan  
4.6 Culture, fiscal policy and output volatility Hien Thuc Pham  
Culture, Preference & Altruism Does sibling gender effect economic preferences? Thomas Dudek Jan Feld, Eberhard Fess, Anne Brenoe
  In Search of Effective Altruists Stephen Knowles Murat Genc, Trudy Sullivan
5.1 Household Leverage and Asymmetric Housing Wealth Effects – Evidence from New Zealand Fang Yao  
Topics in Central Banking      
  The transmission of monetary policy shocks in New Zealand Evelyn Truong Jamie Culling, Christie Smith
  Rationality and expectation formation at Central Banks Severin Bernhard Ozer Karagedikli, Ken Kuttner
5.2 Innovation in regulated and competitive industries Hristina Dantcheva Diego Villalobos
Digital Markets & Competition Outcomes Session 1      
  Airports regulation – evidence of the information disclosure regime working? James Marshall  
  Assessment of competition in digital markets – challenges for economic analysis in the era of platforms, data and AI Michal Mottl
5.3 Rental Affordability as a Determinant of House Price Affordability Graham Squires Don Webber
  The Price Premium of Heritage in the Housing Market of Auckland, New Zealand David Bade Jose Castillo, Mario Fernandez, Joseph Aguil
  A matching simulation to assess affordable housing policies in Auckland Mario Fernandez  
5.4 What drives future electricity demand? Kam Szeto Michael Smith
  Identifying and estimating excess profits in the New Zealand electricity industry Geoff Bertram  
  Petrol prices [still] rise and fall at the same speed as international oil prices Prince Siddharth  
5.5 The drivers and consequences of parental leave decisions Sophie Hale Alex James, Isabelle Sin, Uli Zuelike
Labour Markets
  Trust and total factor productivity: migration and social capital in New Zealand Conal Smith  
  The Redistributive Effects of a Minimum Wage Increase in New Zealand: A Microsimulation Analysis Nazila Alinaghi John Creedy Norman Gemmel
5.6 The difference-in-difference control trial David Rea Dean Hyslop
Wages, Unemployment & Method
  How persistent are wage shocks? Testing the power of unit-root tests using high-frequency tax records. Alexander Plum Kabir Dasgupta
  The Beveridge curve across US states: new insights from a pairwise approach Mark Holmes Jesus Otero
6.1 Early indicators of the impact of the Regional Fuel Tax on public transport use David Norman  
Practical Policy & Advice in the Local Government Context
  Recent changes in the value of urban land in Auckland Shane Martin  
Chair: Shane Martin Room: RHLT1 Optimal use of areas zoned for higher intensity development David Norman  
6.2 City with a billion dollar view Geoff Cooper Kabira Namit
Urban & Household Economics
  The answer to urban renewal: Students David Dyason Ewert Kleynhans
  For Better or Worse? Fertility Challenges and Marital Dissolution Neha Agarwal Mindy Marks
6.3 Trust, Incomes and Well-being in about 150 Countries Tim Hazledine  
Wellbeing & Social Capital
  Comparing Apples and Kumara: Well-Being and Profitability Implications of Maori using Land for Cultural Purposes Richard Meade  
  The effect of student loan size on outcomes of bachelor’s graduates Isabelle Sin Ran Abramitzky
6.4 Business confidence, news, cyclical turning points and economic growth Milad Maralani Eilya Torshizian
NZ Economy 2
  The impact of US withdrawal from WTO on the New Zealand economy Milad Maralani Eilya Torshizian
  Economists and Monetary Thought in Interwar New Zealand: The Gradual Emergence of Monetary Policy Activism Geoffrey Brooke Anthony Endres, Alan Rogers
6.5 The causes and economic consequences of rising regional housing prices in New Zealand Peter Nunns  
Housing, Work & Education
  Internationally comparable work-related fatality numbers for New Zealand Michelle Poland  
  Separating school from family: evaluating the effects of school and family background on student performance Joel Hernandez  
6.6 Freedom Campers in NZ: An activity-based analysis of their economic contribution Peter Fieger Girish Prayag, Colin Michael Hall
Regulation & Industry
  Retrospective Study on Stuff (Fairfax)’s Exits in the Newspaper Industry Lydia Cheung Geoffrey Brooke
  Lobbying, Regulatory Enforcement and Corporate Governance: Theory and Evidence from Enforcement Actions against US Banks Ansgar Wohlschlegel Panagiota Papadimitri