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Time Title Presenter
Keynote 1
01-Jul 09:00 Two New Zealand Pioneer Econometricians Peter Phillips, Dept Of Economics, University of Auckland
1.1 Economic Growth in NZ
01-Jul 11:00 The Development Of The Study Of Economic Growth In New Zealand: The Fathers That Begat Us Brian Easton
1.2 Trade and Inflation
01-Jul 11:00 Do Free-Trade Agreements Really Work? (QA) Antong Victorio
01-Jul 11:30 Putting Credit Back into Monetary Policy: Reconstructing the New Zealand Monetary Policy Framework David A Preston
1.3 Public Policy
01-Jul 11:00 What Psychoanalysis Can Tell Economists About Food Consumption William Kaye-Blake
01-Jul 11:30 Raising A Daughter Is Like Watering Your Neighbour’s Garden: The Determinants Of Son Preference In India (QA) Marie-Claire Robitaille
01-Jul 12:00 Costs of Harmful Alcohol and Other Drug Use in New Zealand, 2005/06 (QA) Adrian Slack, Ganesh Nana, Michael Webster, Fiona Stokes, Jiani Wu
1.4 Land Use & Tourism
01-Jul 11:00 Drivers Of Land Use Change In New Zealand: New Results Cleo Ren, Suzi Kerr
01-Jul 11:30 The Base Of Operations: Estimating New Zealand’s Productive Capital Stock Of Non-Agricultural Land Jodi York
01-Jul 12:00 Distance Models for New Zealand International Visitors Aaron Schiff, Susanne Becken
1.5 Experimental Economics
01-Jul 11:00 Trust and Social Distance in Cameroon Alvin Etang, David Fielding, Stephen Knowles
01-Jul 11:30 Words Speak Louder Than Money (QA) Maros Servatka, Steven Tucker, Radovan Vadovic
01-Jul 12:00 An Experimental Study of Bubble Formation in Asset Markets Using the Tatonnement Pricing Mechanism (QA) Steven Tucker, Volodymyr Lugovskyy, Daniela Puzzello
1.6 Regional Transport
01-Jul 11:00 Transport Interventions – Towards ‘Value For Money’ Over Time Ian Duncan
01-Jul 11:30 Spatial Effects of “Mill” closures: Does distance matter? Christopher Young, Arthur Grimes
01-Jul 12:00 Agglomeration Elasticities in New Zealand Dave Mare, Daniel J Graham
1.7 DSGE (Macro Modelling)
01-Jul 11:00 KITT: The Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s new DSGE forecasting and policy model Kirdan Lees, Andrew Binning, Troy Matheson, Martin Fukac, Jaromir Benes
01-Jul 11:30 Withdrawn
01-Jul 12:00 Impulse Responses Identification in DSGE Models Martin Fukac
2.1 Education and Earnings
01-Jul 13:30 Staying Or Leaving New Zealand After You Graduate? Brain Drain And Brain Circulation Issues Facing Graduates William Kaliyati
01-Jul 14:00 On Estimating the Effect of Education on Earnings from a Change in Minimum Wage Liana Jacobi, Siddhartha Chib
2.2 NZ Topics
01-Jul 13:30 A Multi-regional CGE Model for New Zealand Nathaniel Robson
01-Jul 14:00 Economic Impacts Of Transport & Tourism In New Zealand: An Input-Output Multipliers Approach Tantri Tantirigama, Mei Taniguchi-Singh
01-Jul 14:30 Architects as Forecasters of Residential Investment Spending Brian Silverstone, Mark J. Holmes, James Mitchell
2.3 Housing
01-Jul 13:30 Developing A Stratified House Price Measure For New Zealand Chris McDonald, Mark Smith
01-Jul 14:00 Using Hedonic Regression To Assess The Housing Rentals Component Of The New Zealand Consumers Price Index Frances Krsinich
01-Jul 14:30 Hedonic Prices from Sequential Bargaining (QA) Antong Victorio
2.4 Public
01-Jul 13:30 Thin Subsidies And Fat Taxes: Economic Instruments For Addressing Food Inadequacy And Nutrition Issues Des O’Dea, Delvina Gorton
01-Jul 14:00 A combined qualitative and quantitative approach to understanding social capital in New Zealand’s economic performance. Matthew Roskruge, Arthur Grimes, Philip McCann, Jacques Poot
01-Jul 14:30 Company Taxation in New Zealand Matt Benge, David Holland
2.5 Productivity 1
01-Jul 13:30 An Analysis Of The Differential Impacts Of Overskilling By Educational Pathway: Is Vocational Education A Safer Route? (QA) Kostas Mavromaras, Seamus McGuinness, Yin King Fok
01-Jul 14:00 Adjusting for changes in labour composition in Statistics NZ’s productivity series Thomas McNaughton
01-Jul 14:30 The Need for Speed: Impacts of Internet Connectivity on Firm Productivity Arthur Grimes, Cleo Ren, Philip Stevens
2.6 Economics Discipline
01-Jul 13:30 An Economic Theory of Democracy Revisited – Downs with Traction Stuart Birks
01-Jul 14:00 PBRF And The Returns To Publication Quality In The New Zealand Market For Academic Economists John Tressler, John Gibson, David L. Anderson
01-Jul 14:30 Results from the NZAE 2008 Web Survey William Kaye-Blake
2.7 Research & Development
01-Jul 13:30 R&D Purchasing Power Parities for Industries and Public and Tertiary Research Institutions Alistair Ramsden, Law-Lay Luo, Julian Williams
01-Jul 14:00 Business R&D: Describing the context for R&D measures in New Zealand firms Kathleen Palmer
3.1 NZ Economic History
01-Jul 15:30 A Quarterly Post-World War II Real GDP Series for New Zealand: Properties, Business Cycle Turning Points, and Recessions Viv Hall, John McDermott
01-Jul 16:00 50 Years of Structural Change: An Analysis of Input-Output Tables since 1953 Ralph Lattimore, Iris Claus, Trinh Lee, Adolf Stroombergen
01-Jul 16:30 Real Wages in New Zealand, 1840 – 1914 Geoffrey Brooke
3.2 Education 1
01-Jul 15:30 Do Essay And Multiple-Choice Questions Measure The Same Thing? (QA) Bob Reed, Stephen Hickson
01-Jul 16:00 “Looking Back Moving Forward”: Reviewing Economics Curriculum for 2009 and beyond Sam Richardson, Fay Patel, Kogi Naidoo
01-Jul 16:30 Testing the effectiveness of in-semester assessment in Econ 101 Gillis Maclean, Paul McKeown
3.3 NZ Labour
01-Jul 15:30 Job Mobility and Wage Dynamics Dave Mare, Dean Hyslop
01-Jul 16:00 Degrees of separation in the New Zealand Workforce: Evidence from linked employer-employee data. Nairn MacGibbon
01-Jul 16:30 New technology and the quality of working life in New Zealand Chris Hector, John Gibson, Ted Zorn
3.4 Development & Infrastructure
01-Jul 15:30 The Spatial Impact of Local Infrastructural Investment in New Zealand William Cochrane, Arthur Grimes. Phillip McCann
01-Jul 16:00 Corruption and Economic Development Nexus: Variation Across Regions and Income Levels Shrabani Saha, Rukmani Gounder
01-Jul 16:30 The Millennium Development Goals: Does Aid Help? (QA) Arlene Garces-Ozanne
3.5 Studies of Firms
01-Jul 15:30 Innovation in New Zealand: Issues of Firm Size, Local Market Size and Economic Geography (QA) Hong Shangqin, Philip McCann, Les Oxley
01-Jul 16:00 New Insights On Price-Setting Behaviour In The United Kingdom Miles Parker, Jennifer Greenslade
01-Jul 16:30 Factors Affecting Non-Response in the Annual Enterprise Survey, 2003-2007 Walter Davis, Nathaniel Pihama
3.6 Greenhouse Gases
01-Jul 15:30 Climate Change Impacts On New Zealand’s Agricultural Trade Wei Zhang, Suzi Kerr, William Power 4:00pm
01-Jul 16:00 Estimating a Marginal Abatement Cost Curve of Greenhouse Gas Emissions within the New Zealand Agriculture and Forestry Sector Stewart Sinclair, Suzi Kerr, Wei Zhang
3.7 Finance and Employment
01-Jul 15:30 Does Civil War Violence Contribute to Exchange Rate Fluctuations? Evidence from Uganda (QA) Francis Odhuno
01-Jul 16:00 Seven Leading Indexes Of New Zealand Employment Edda Claus
Keynote 2
02-Jul 09:00 “Why Doesn’t Capitalism Flow to Poor Countries?” Professor Robert MacCulloch
4.1 Tax Policy Reform
02-Jul 11:00 Paper 1 Distributional & Other Implications of Land/ Property Taxes Andrew Coleman & Arthur Grimes
02-Jul 11:30 Paper 2 The Long Term Effects of a Capital Gains Tax on New Zealand’s Housing Markets Andrew Coleman
02-Jul 12:00 Paper 3 Demographic Change: Implications for Taxes and Expenditures in New Zealand John Creedy, Norman Gemmell and Angela Mellish
4.2 Education 2
02-Jul 11:00 Schumpeter’s “Vision” and the Teaching of Principles of Economics (QA) Paul Dalziel
02-Jul 11:30 Too Fast And Too Furious? Increasing The Breadth And Depth Of Introductory Economics. Michael Cameron, Steven Lim
02-Jul 12:00 Learning Styles and Introductory Economics: A Matter of Translation Mary Hedges
4.3 Immigration
02-Jul 11:00 The Labour Market Adjustment of Immigrants in New Zealand Dave Mare, Steven Stillman
02-Jul 11:30 Trade, Diaspora and Migration to New Zealand (QA) Murat Genc, David Law, John Bryant
4.4 Sport
02-Jul 11:00 Inferring the Contribution of Ground Conditions to Score Variability in ODI Cricket (QA) Seamus Hogan, Scott Brooker
02-Jul 11:30 Determining Batting Production Possibility Frontiers In One Day International (ODI) Cricket. Scott Brooker
4.5 Macro Finance 1
02-Jul 11:00 The Effects of Australian Macroeconomic News On The New Zealand Dollar Ozer Karagedikli, Andrew C Coleman
02-Jul 11:30 Hedging Overseas Foreign Currency Liabilities: The New Zealand Experience Wayne Dahlberg
02-Jul 12:00 A Theoretical Foundation For The Nelson And Siegel Class Of Yield Curve Models Leo Krippner
4.6 Family and Labour Force Participation
02-Jul 11:00 Costs Of Raising Children Iris Claus, Geoff Leggett and Xin Wang.
02-Jul 11:30 Can The “In Work Tax Credit” Be Justified As An In-Work Benefit? Susan St John, M Claire Dale
02-Jul 12:00 The Effects of Health and Wealth on the Labour Supply and Retirement Decisions of Older New Zealanders James Enright, Grant M. Scobie
4.7 Statistics and Econometrics
02-Jul 11:00 Measuring Progress? How Statistics New Zealand Has Measured The Economy Since 1945 Rosemary Goodyear, Anne McAllister, Dean Condon
02-Jul 11:30 Attrition in the Longitudinal Immigration Survey: New Zealand John Bryant, Frances Krsinich
02-Jul 12:00 Testing Parameter Constancy When the Regressor May Have a Near Unit Root (QA) Masako Miyanishi
5.1 Macro Finance 2
02-Jul 14:00 Central Banking – Looking Back, Moving Forward Bruce White
02-Jul 14:30 Does Natural Rate Variation Matter? Evidence From New Zealand Michael Kirker
02-Jul 15:00 The Ripple Starts Here; 1694-2009 Finishing the Past Lowell Manning
5.2 Ecosystems
02-Jul 14:00 Natural Capital, Subjective Well-Being, and the New Welfare Economics of Sustainability: Some Evidence from Cross-Country Regressions (QA) Hans-Jurgen Engelbrecht
02-Jul 14:30 Estimating the Value of Environmental Impact of Dairy Farming on Ecosystem Services in New Zealand Ramesh Baskaran, Ross Cullen, Sergio Colombo
02-Jul 15:00 The Influence Of Local Environmental Quality On Values For River And Stream Conservation Programs In Canterbury Peter Tait, Ross Cullen, Kathryn Bicknell
5.3 Health
02-Jul 14:00 Joint Demands for Health Insurance and Health Care: Evidence from Australia Malathi Velamuri, Damien Eldridge, Cagatay Koc, Ilke Onur
02-Jul 14:30 Change Of Access To Health Service In China, 1997-2006 Yun Liang
5.4 Special Topics
02-Jul 14:00 Political Ignorance and Policy Preferences (QA) Eric Crampton
02-Jul 14:30 Productivity And Efficiency Measurement In The Water Supply Industry (QA) Malcolm Abbott, Bruce Cohen
02-Jul 15:00 Are Butter and Margarine Close Substitutes? Probably Not Close Enough! Qing Yang, David Law
5.5 Exporting
02-Jul 14:00 Entrepreneurship And Aggregate Merchandise Trade Growth In New Zealand Richard Fabling, Lynda Sanderson
02-Jul 14:30 The evolution of export unit values: Some stylised facts Sophie Joyce, Richard Fabling, Lynda Sanderson
02-Jul 15:00 Exporting and performance: The impact of destination characteristics on learning effects Lynda Sanderson, Richard Fabling
5.6 Productivity 2
02-Jul 14:00 Competition in New Zealand: An analysis Using Micro Data Philip Stevens
02-Jul 14:30 Qualitative Factors That Influenced The Success Of New Zealand Firms At Internationalising Duncan Chadwick
02-Jul 15:00 Productivity Spillovers from Foreign Direct Investment in New Zealand: Firm level Evidence Krishna Iyer, Philip Stevens
5.7 Household Wealth
02-Jul 14:00 Evaluating Household Expenditures And Their Relationship With House Prices At The Microeconomic Level Mark Smith
02-Jul 14:30 Estimating Household Saving As Change In Wealth From The Survey Of Family, Income And Employment Trinh Le, John Gibson, Steve Stillman
02-Jul 15:00 Beyond Reasonable Debt: The Extent To Which Financial Behaviour Can Explain Over-Indebtedness Among New Zealand Families Jaime Legg
5.8 Education Roundtable (Invitation Only)
02-Jul 14:00 What Should Be Contained In The High School Economics Curriculum? Steve Agnew, Seamus Hogan
Keynote 3 AWH Phillips Lecture
02-Jul 16:00 Programme Evaluation Professor Dean Hyslop
Keynote 4
03-Jul 09:30 Institutions and quasi-constitutional mechanisms for better regulatory practice Hon Rodney Hide, Minister for Regulatory Reform, Leader NZ ACT Party
Panel on The Global Financial Crisis: Its Causes And Consequences – Globally And In New Zealand.
03-Jul 11:00 An international and historical perspective on the global credit crisis Dr Michael Bordo, Professor of Economics, Rutgers University
03-Jul 11:30 How the credit crisis is working its way through the NZ financial system Anthony Byett, Economist,
03-Jul 12:00 What the credit crisis means for the wider NZ economy Dr Ganesh Nana, Chief Economist, BERL