2015 Conference Papers


(NZEPP): New Zealand Economic Policy Prize Entry
(SNZ): Statistics New Zealand Prize Entry
(JW-D): Jan Whitwell Prize Entry (Doctoral)
(JW-BM): Jan Whitwell Prize Entry (Bachelors or Masters)
(ab): Abstract only available as attachment

Wednesday 1st July

Time Session Title Paper Title Presenter Co-Author
9:00 – 10:30am Keynote: Beth Webster, Melbourne Institute of Applied Economics and Social Research.
Chair: Peter Crabtree (MBIE)
“Does Innovation Make (SME) Firms More Productive?”
10:30 – 11:00am MORNING TEA
11:00 – 12:30pm 1.1) Incentives, Evaluations & Questions: The Commerce Commission Seeks to get it Right
Chair: Lydia Cheung
(ab)Regulatory Incentives: The Long and the Short of it James Marshall & Graham Phelan
(ab)Targeted Ex Post Evaluations in a Data Poor World Lilla Csorgo Harshal Chitale
(ab)Vexing Competition Questions: Panel Discussion Reuben Irvine, Catherine Corbett & Simona Fabrizi
1.2) Understanding Insecure Work
Chair: Bill Rosenberg
(ab)Decomposing the Temporary-Permanent Wage Gap in New Zealand Gail Pacheco Bill Cochrane
(ab)Job Satisfaction and Job Security Philip Morrison
(ab)A Post-Fordist Dilemma: Precarious Work and Employer-sponsored Training in New Zealand Stephen Blumenfeld
1.3) Data
Chair: Jason Attewell
New Measures of Inflation for Groups of Households Alan Bentley
(ab)New Household Balance Sheets Lindsay Beck &
Rochelle Barrow
Jason Fullen
(ab)Who Claims What? Managing Bias in Work-related Injury Data. Michelle Poland
1.4) Agriculture
Chair: Nick Hallett
(ab)Price vs Value of Ecosystem Services in South Island High Country Land Reform Emma Soy Massoni
Kathryn Bicknell
Ann Brower
(ab)You Always Take the Weather with You: The Role of Climate in Determining Agricultural Land Prices Corey Allan Suzi Kerr
(ab)Simulation Modelling to Investigate Nutrient Loss Mitigation Practices Bill Kaye-Blake Sarah Baillie
1.5) Monetary Policy
Chair: Jacob Punnoose
(ab)Measuring the Stance of Monetary Policy in Conventional and Unconventional Environments Leo Krippner
(ab)US Monetary Policy and Global Financial Stability Eric Tong
(ab)Interest Rate Pass Through, Asymmetries and Heterogeneity in Colombian Retail Banking Mark Holmes Jesus Otero
Ana-Maria Iregui
12:30 – 1:30pm LUNCH
1:30 – 3:00pm 2.1) A Micro-economic Smorgasbord
Chair: Anthony Byett
Tourists’ Preferences for Nature: do they Change after their Experience? Thamarasi Kularatne Clevo Wilson
(ab)The Effect of Public Funding on Scientific Research Output: The New Zealand Marsden Fund Athene Laws
Victoria Larsen
Jason Gush
Adam Jaffe
Deadlines, Procrastination, and Inattention in Charitable Giving: A Field Experiment Stephen Knowles Maros Servatka
Trudy Sullivan
2.2) Trade
Chair: Ross Kendall
(ab)Towards the Modelling of Reductions in New Zealand’s Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures Mike Webb
Allan Rae
Anna Strutt
(ab)Trade Data Inconsistencies Between China and New Zealand Amy Rice
Das Kantal
Laura Meriluoto
2.3) Productivity Growth
Chair: Mark Lea
(ab)How to Lift New Zealand’s Productivity Growth Paul Conway
(ab)The Returns to Innovation by New Zealand Firms Simon Wakeman
2.4) Energy
Chair: Brett Stawinski
Energy Efficiency in OECD Economies Masha Moshrefi
Basil Sharp
(ab)Will Markets Oversupply PV Electricity? Seamus Hogan
(ab)Are We Turning a Brighter Shade of Green? The Relationship Between Household Characteristics and GHG Corey Allan
Campbell Will
Suzi Kerr
2.5) Competition, Patents & Firm Risk
Chair: Simona Fabrizi
(ab)How (consistently) Valid are Patents? An Answer from Multiple Examiners Adam B Jaffe Elizabeth Webster
Gaétan de Rassenfosse
The Competition Toolbox is Missing its Torch Donal Curtin
(ab)Political Risk and Risk Premia: Evidence from Firm Level Analysis Muhammad Tahir Suleman
3:00 – 4:00pm AFTERNOON TEA and Extended Poster Session
4:00 – 5:30pm 3.1) Labour #1
Chair: Stephen Blumenfeld
Pacific People in Auckland: Labour Market Insights from the 2013 Census and Implications on Labour Market Penelope Tuatagaloa
How Wages are Set: Evidence from a Large Survey of Firms Jed Armstrong Miles Parker
(ab)Do 90-day Trial Periods Increase Hiring or Improve the Labour Market Outcomes of Disadvantaged Isabelle Sin Nathan Chappell
3.2) Land Use and Transport
Chair: Helen Huang
From Red Tape to Green Gold: Reforming the Resource Estate
-Part 2-
Jason Krupp
A Micro-economic Framework for Evaluating the Impacts of Minimum Parking Requirements in Land use and Transport Markets Stuart Donovan
Peter Nunns
(ab)Assessing New Approaches to Estimating the Economic Impact of Transport Interventions Using the Gross Value Added Approach Anthony Byett Adolf Stroombergen
James Laird
3.3) A Macro-Economic Smorgasbord
Chair: Anella Munro
(ab)Traded and non-traded multifactor productivity levels in a cross-country perspective Daan Steenkamp
Martin Berka
That Sinking Feeling: The Changing Price of Disaster Risk Following an Earthquake Levente Timar
Arthur Grimes
Richard Fabling
Forecasting with Macro-Finance Models: Applications to United States and New Zealand Michelle Lewis
3.4) Econometrics and Data
Chair: Christie Smith
The Practical Importance of Hurwicz Bias in Models with Lagged Dependent Variables
-Chart 1-
Bob Reed
“Another Look at ‘Which Panel Data Estimator Should I Use?’” Mantobaye Moundigbaye
(ab)A Bayesian Approach to Estimate Latent Random Effects: An Application to Cluster Analysis of Repeated Ordinal Data Roy Costilla
Richard Arnold
Ivy Liu
3.5) Pot Luck #1
Chair: Sharon Pells
(ab)Who Wins the Rugby World Cup – Examining the Determinants of Success Sam Richardson
Understanding Retail Economics and Implications for Urban Form Susan Fairgray
The Case for Social Impact Bonds Jenesa Jeram Bryce Wilkinson

Thursday 2nd July

Time Session Title Paper Title Presenter Co-Author
9:00 – 10:30am Keynote: Chris Edmond, Professor of Economics at the University of Melbourne.
Chair: John McDermott (RBNZ)
“Competition, Markups, and Misallocation”
10:30 – 11:30am MORNING TEA
11:00 – 12:30pm 





























4.1) Treasury
Chair: Diana Cook
(ab)Holding on and Letting Go: Opportunities and Challenges for NZ’s Economic Performance: A Perspective from the Treasury Girol Karacaoglu
The Impact of Tertiary Study on the Labour Market Outcomes of Low-qualified School Leavers Sarah Crichton
Sarah Tumen
Sylvia Dixon
Exchange Rate Fluctuations and the Margins of Exports Lynda Sanderson
Richard Fabling
4.2) Employment Dynamics (Using the LBD)
Chair: Patrick Nolan
(ab)Who Creates Jobs in New Zealand? Firm and Employment Dynamics Lydia Cheung Geoffrey Brooke
Firm Dynamics and Job Creation in New Zealand: A Perpetual Motion machine Lisa Meehan Guanyu Zheng
“Do New Zealand firms catch up to the domestic productivity frontier?” Guanyu Zheng
Paul Conway
Lisa Meehan
4.3) Education
Chair: Mary Hedges
(ab)What’s Been Happening to Fees at Non-Government Schools Jenny Lye Joe Hirschberg
Un(ac)countable: Why Millions on Maths Returned Little Rose Patterson
Analysis of Upper Secondary School Dropout in Central Java Province, Indonesia: Preliminary Results and Insights Andryan Setyadharma
Hatice Ozer-Balli
Hans-Jürgen Engelbrecht
4.4) Prices & Wealth
Chair: David Law
Comprehensive Wealth or Inclusive Wealth? Preliminary Results from a Comparison of Alternative Wealth Estimates Hans-Jürgen Engelbrecht
Food, Housing and Energy: Evolution of Consumer Prices for the Bare Necessities Miles Parker
4.5) Economic History
Chair: Sean Kimpton
50 years of New Zealand Economic Papers: 1966 to 2015 Bob Buckle John Creedy
(ab)British Migration to New Zealand, 1840-1914 Geoffrey Brooke
Government Expenditure in New Zealand Since 1935: A Preliminary Analysis Matthew Gibbons
4.6) Fiscal Policy & Government Size
Chair: Eric Crampton
The (mis) allocation of public spending in a low income country: Evidence from disaster risk reduction spending in Bangladesh Azreen Karim
(ab)Modelling Fiscal Sustainability with feedback effects John Creedy Grant Sobie
(ab)Determinants of Chinese Government Size: An Extreme Bounds Analysis Philip Gunby Yinghua Jin
12:30 – 1:15pm LUNCH
1:15 – 2:00pm NZAE AGM
2:00 – 3:30pm 





























5.1) Economic Growth
Chair: Dieter Katz
How Does Political Instability Influence the Effect of Tourism Demand on Economic Growth? Shrabani Saha
Taxes and Economic Growth in the U.S. States: A Meta-Regression Analysis Nazila Alinaghi
Business Cycle Accounting Thakshila Gunaratna
Robert Kirkby
5.2) Well-Being
Chair: Laura Meriluoto
Easterlin Dilemma or Prisoner’s Paradox?
Impacts of Intra-national and Inter-national Income Comparisons on Rural versus Urban Wellbeing
Arthur Grimes Marc Reinhardt
(ab)Working on Wall Street or Relaxing on the Riviera?
Age-Related Impacts of Income and Wellbeing on Regional Migration
Judd Ormsby Arthur Grimes
(ab)Are ‘Distortionary’ Fiscal Policies Fiscal Folly or Wellbeing Wisdom?
Personal and Regional Impacts of Fiscal Policies on Wellbeing and Economic Growth
Anna Robinson Arthur Grimes,
Siu Yuat Wong
5.3) Labour #2
Chair: Bill Cochrane
Simulating the Effects on Labour Supply in New Zealand of Tax-transfer Changes in 210 Penny Mok
John Creedy
(ab)Online Job Vacancy Listings Indicated by Business Outlook Indices and Indicating Employment Changes Anne Fale Xintao Zhao
Ram SriRamarat
Amapola Generosa
Evaluating the Composition of Employment Changes in Industries and Occupations Across the Regions: Insights from a Shift-share Analysis Amapola Generosa Ram SriRamarat
5.4) Pot Luck #2
Chair: Geoffrey Brooke
Poverty and natural disasters: A meta regression analysis Azreen Karim
The Nature and Causes of Profits: The Classical Approach from Smith to Marx Sean Kimpton
(ab)Is the Health Care Sector Infected by Baumol’s Cost Disease? Test of a New Model using an OECD Dataset Akinwande Atanda
5.5) Income and Inequality
Chair: Ken Jackson
A Practical Approach to Well-being Based Policy Development: What do New Zealanders want from their Retirement Income Policies? Joey Au
Trudy Sullivan
Andrew Coleman
(ab)Income Mobility and Income Inequality in New Zealand: Trends, Patterns and Relationships Athene Laws
Norman Gemmell
Inequality in New Zealand 1983/84 to 2013/14 Christopher Ball
John Creedy
3:30 – 4:00pm AFTERNOON TEA
4:00 – 5:30pm Keynote: Dorian Owen, University of Otago
Chair: Stephen Knowles (Otago Uni)
“Competitive Balance and Uncertainty of Outcome in the Economics of Professional Sports Leagues.”

Friday 3rd July

Time Session Title Paper Title Presenter Co-Author
9:00 – 10:30am Keynote: Arthur Robson, Canada Research Chair in Economic Theory and Evolution
Chair: Jack Robles (Victoria University of Wellington)
“The Biological Basis of Economics”
10:30 – 11:00am MORNING TEA
11:00 – 12:30pm 6.1) Attention Postgrads & Early Career Researchers: Tips on Presenting and Publishing
Chair: Stephen Knowles & John Creedy
Stephen Knowles &
John Creedy
6.2) Urban Economics
Chair: Kirdan Lees
(ab)Are We Limiting Regional Development by Imposing Planning Permissions? Chris Parker Eilya Torshizian
(ab)The Need for Developing a Policy on a Social Discount Rate for Auckland Council Chris Parker Eilya Torshizian
The Value of Land, Floor Space, and Amenities: A Hedonic Price Analysis of Auckland Property Sales Peter Nunns
6.3) Firm Performance
Chair: Eyal Apatov
(ab)Self-reported Technology Change and Firm Performance Talosaga Talosaga Lynda Sanderson
Tip of the Iceberg? Organisational Foundations of Top Pay in New Zealand Listed Companies, 1995-2014 Tim Hazledine
6.4) Crown Balance Sheet
Chair: Emily Irwin
Projecting the Crown Accounts – the Treasury’s new Fiscal Models Matthew Bell
Estimating the Cyclically- and Absorption-Adjusted Balance for New Zealand Miles Workman
Placing Nations’ Sectoral Surpluses and Deficits into their Global Context Keith Rankin
6.5) Statistics
Chair: Gary Dunnet
Making what Matters Count Scott Ussher
(ab)Watching our Weights: Keeping GDP Relevant Matthew Collison
Implementation of Consumer Electronics Scanner Data in the New Zealand CPI Frances Krsinich
12:30 – 1:30pm LUNCH