Excerpt from The New Zealand Association of Economists: Memories of Its Early Years by Sir Frank Holmes, assisted by Len Bayliss and Jack McFaull.

“I was recently able to satisfy a request from Val Browning, the Secretary of the New Zealand Association of Economists, for early copies of the New Zealand Economic Papers. This provoked me to do some research on the early years of the Association. Unfortunately, the minutes of Council and general meetings of the Association from 1959 to 1966 are not among the papers that Val Browning has managed to pull together at the present office of the Association. The library of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand has a very good collection of papers from the early conferences of the Association, but these do not include any minutes of meetings.

“Matthew Young Walls made an application for incorporation of the New
Zealand Association of Economists, as its secretary, on 1st October 1959,
following consent of an inaugural meeting. The application was accepted on 6 October 1959 and a fee of three pounds was paid. The registered office of the Association was established at Suite 4, Stamford House, Dudley Street, Lower Hutt, which was also the office of Fanning, Cable, Hayles and Walls, Public Accountants …

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