Transport Economics Knowledge Hub

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About us

The Transport Economics Knowledge Hub is a research community that provides a forum for researchers to connect, communicate and collaborate on transport economics related research.

We run a range of seminars and other discussion forums that aim to advance our understanding of the link between transport and the economy.

Our activities

  • Seminars on current and planned research relating to transport and the economy
  • Regular email updates on relevant research programme and calendars
  • Support the annual Transport Knowledge Hub conference and Transport Research Strategy

Working committee

Wayne Heerdegen, NZTA (Lead)
Helen Huang, Ministry of Transport (Deputy Lead)
Ian Duncan, Ministry of Transport
Kennie Tsui, MBIE
Dieter Katz, Treasury
Tom Simonson, LGNZ
Lisa Meehan, NZ Productivity Commission
Willy Chetwin, RBNZ