April 2017 AI (#58) includes interview with Karacaoglu

Asymmetric Information Issue No. 58


  • Editorial
  • An Interview with Girol Karacaoglu (by Joey Au)
  • The ‘Five Minute Interview’ (Kirdan Lees)
  • (Ir)rationality and the Case for Behavioural Economics (by Jan Feld)
  • Blogwatch (by Paul Walker)
  • (Motu) STEM Graduates and Productivity (by David C Maré, Trinh Le, Richard Fabling and Nathan Chappell)
  • (Stats New Zealand) Statistics New Zealand’s household surveys programme (by Patrick Ongley)
  • Report from GEN
  • A R Bergstrom Prize in Econometrics 2017
  • Research in Progress (Auckland University of Technology)
  • NEW MEMBERS (2017, through to 15 March)