Aug 2021 AI (#71) includes obituary of Professor Fraser Jackson

Asymmetric Information Issue No. 71


  • Editorial
  • In Open Seas. Part I: On the Seashore: (1943-1970) (By Brian Easton)
  • Obituary – Professor Fraser Jackson (By John Yeabsley)
  • The Five-Minute Interview with …Vhari Mcwha Associate Commissioner at the Commerce Commission
  • John Creedy – Citation for NZAE Distinguished Fellow Award
  • Professor John Creedy – Acceptance Speech NZAE Distinguished Fellow Award 2021
  • Congratulations to New Royal Society Fellow: Distinguished Professor Caroline Saunders (by Paul Dalziel)
  • Recipients of Prizes Associated with NZAE Conference 2021
  • A personal reflection on Not in Narrow Seas (by Shamubeel Eaqub, CFA)
  • Delinking the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme from the Kyoto Protocol: Comparing Theory with Practice (by Dominic White)
  • 2B RED
  • Research in the Department of Economics and Finance at the University of Canterbury
  • New Members