2017 NZEP Issue 1 available

The contents of New Zealand Economic Papers, Volume 51, Issue 1, 2017 (available online or by subscription):

  • Commodity trade between the US and Korea and the J-curve effect by Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee, Jia Xu & Sujata Saha
  • Estimating the willingness to pay for Warmer and Drier Homes by John Gibson, Riccardo Scarpa & Halahingano Rohorua
  • Educational mismatches and earnings in the New Zealand labour market by Jian Z. Yeo & Sholeh A. Maani
  • Stability of an exponential distribution for New Zealand taxable personal income by R. John Irwin & Timothy C. Irwin
  • Labour supply in New Zealand and the 2010 tax and transfer changes by John Creedy & Penny Mok
  • The source of wealth by Elizabeth Webster
  • A note on inequality-preserving distributional changes by John Creedy