April 2011 NZEP a special issue on Economic Psychology and Experimental Economics

The contents of New Zealand Economic Papers, Volume 45, Issue 1-2, 2011 (available online or by subscription):

  • Psychology and economics: An introduction to the special issue by Simon Kemp & Gabrielle Wall
  • From anecdotes to novels: Reflective inputs for behavioural economics by Peter E. Earl
  • Aspiration formation and satisficing in search with(out) competition by Werner Güth & Torsten Weiland
  • Are conditional cooperators willing to forgo efficiency gains? Evidence from a public goods experiment by M. Vittoria Levati, Matteo Ploner & Stefan Traub
  • Who makes the pie bigger? An experimental study on co-opetition by Juan A. Lacomba, Francisco Lagos & Tibor Neugebauer
  • An experimental examination of the effect of potential revelation of identity on satisfying obligations by Lucy F. Ackert, Bryan K. Church & Shawn Davis
  • Gender differences in trust and reciprocity in repeated gift exchange games by Ananish Chaudhuri & Erwann Sbai
  • Do separation rules matter? An experimental study of commitment by Filip Vesely, Vivian Lei & Scott Drewianka
  • Overcapitalization and cost escalation in housing renovation by Ti-Ching Peng
  • Over-indebtedness and the interplay of factual and mental money management: An interview study by Bernadette Kamleitner, Bianca Hornung & Erich Kirchler
  • Coherence and bidirectional reasoning in complex and risky decision-making tasks by C. Gustav Lundberg
  • Outwit, outplay, outcast? Sex discrimination in voting behaviour in the reality television show Survivor by Gabrielle Wall
  • Ambiguity, the certainty illusion, and the natural frequency approach to reasoning with inverse probabilities by John Fountain & Philip Gunby