August 2012 NZEP includes paper on wealth and savings in NZ

The contents of New Zealand Economic Papers, Volume 46, Issue 2, August 2012 (available online or by subscription):

  • Wealth and saving in New Zealand: evidence from the longitudinal survey of family, income and employment by Trinh Le, John Gibson & Steven Stillman
  • Is there an unobserved components common cycle for Australasia? Implications for a common currency by Viv B. Hall & C. John McDermott
  • Does tenure review in New Zealand’s South Island give rise to rents? by Ann Brower, Philip Meguire & Alba DeParte
  • The elasticity of taxable income in New Zealand: Evidence from the 1986 tax reform by Alastair Thomas
  • Loss aversion and mental accounting: the favorite-longshot bias in parimutuel betting by Jianying Qiu
  • The Darwin economy by Ananish Chaudhuri