2021 NZEP Issue 1 special issue on Housing Unaffordability

The contents of New Zealand Economic Papers, Volume 51, Issue 1, 2021 (available online or by subscription):

    • House prices and affordability by Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy & Peter C. B. Phillips
    • Repeat sales house price indices: comparative properties under alternative data generation processes by Arthur Grimes, Kade Sorensen & Chris Young
    • City with a billion dollar view by G.C.K. Cooper & K. Namit
    • Real estate bubbles and contagion: new empirical evidence from Canada by Imad Rherrad, Jean-Louis Bago & Mardochée Mokengoy
    • Effects of air quality on house prices: evidence from China’s Huai River Policy by Xinghua Liu, Qiang Li, Satish Chand & Keiran Sharpe
    • The causes and economic consequences of rising regional housing prices in New Zealand by Peter Nunns
    • House prices, (un)affordability and systemic risk by Efthymios Pavlidis, Ivan Paya & Alexandros Skouralis
    • Housing equity and household consumption in retirement: evidence from the Singapore Life Panel© by Lipeng Chen, Liang Jiang, Sock-Yong Phang & Jun Yu
    • Price effects of the special housing areas in Auckland by Mario A. Fernandez, Gonzalo E. Sánchez & Santiago Bucaram